Mouth Guards in York Harbor, ME

Mouth guards are a general term for oral appliance therapy that protects the wearer’s teeth against impact injuries or the pain, discomfort, and health risks of teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) or sleep apnea. When you choose our dentist near you for treatment with a mouth guard, you’ll benefit from advanced technology and experience in determining the best treatment protocol for your concern.

Mouth Guards Near You for Injury Protection

You may be tempted to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) sports mouthguards instead of relying on an experienced custom fit from our dentist in York Harbor, ME. But buyer beware. There is a reason that professional athletes use, and coaches recommend, a professional mouth guard – they provide more protection. They are also more comfortable for the wearer than anything that you can purchase OTC. And if you’re concerned about the cost of a professional mouth guard for injury protection, make sure you factor in the cost of future dental work, such as tooth replacement, that may be needed when using an ill-fitting OTC mouthguard. We invite you to make an appointment today with our family dentist near you at York Dental Group to learn how custom mouthguards can be a budget saver in the long term.

Mouth Guards Near You for Teeth Grinding

Here’s an overview of a few of the most common symptoms of teeth grinding, which our dentist in York Harbor, ME, can offer relief with oral appliance therapy:

  • Waking up with a headache
  • Lingering pain in the jaw area, ear area, or neck and shoulder area
  • Raw, swollen, or raised tissue area on the inside of your cheeks
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Teeth marks on your tongue
  • Loose or chipped teeth

York Dental Group is committed to providing the best in modern dentistry to patients of all ages through the technology we use in our dental clinic. Whether you or a family member are experiencing any of the above symptoms of teeth grinding or want to protect against impact injuries with a sports mouth guard in York Harbor, ME, we are here for you. We invite you to call us today to experience the top-rated care you’ll receive from York Dental Group.

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