Local Anesthesia in York Harbor, ME

Local anesthesia for dental procedures can be a frightening prospect, so you are going to want to go to a dentist you can trust. If you are looking for local anesthesia near you, York Dental Group is the dentist in York Harbor that you should call.

York Dental Group has years of combined experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. We are the experts in procedures that require local anesthesia in York Harbor. We are the dentist near you that you can trust.

We believe in treating all of our patients with dignity and respect, and we strive to make sure that everyone has a smile that they can be proud of. We never want a patient to feel like they cannot show their smile in pictures of life’s most important events.

Is it Safe?

For larger procedures that require local anesthesia, we will make sure that you are calm, safe, and know everything that the procedure requires ahead of time.

We know that local anesthesia is going to seem a little scary at first glance. However, just because we have to use local anesthesia during your procedure does not mean that it is a risky or dangerous procedure.

We use local anesthesia on a routine basis. It is a safe and effective means for making sure that you do not go through any unneeded pain or discomfort during your procedure.

The Procedure

Our dentists use local anesthetic by injecting it into the area of the mouth that needs to be numb for the procedure. The anesthetic temporarily deactivates the nerves in that area. Once it has taken effect, we are able to perform procedures with little to no discomfort.

The anesthetic is injected through a thin needle after we apply a topical anesthetic to make sure you barely feel the needle. Our goal is to make sure you experience little to no pain, even before the anesthetic is injected.

Other Services

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