Insurance & Financing in York Harbor

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To maintain good dental health, dental insurance is crucial to have for yourself and your family. Most dental insurance plans cover bi-annual dental exams and cleanings, emergency dental visits in case of accidents involving your teeth, and most dental procedures.

Insurance Plans that We Are In-Network with

For out of network insurance benefits, we will submit services to the insurance on the patient’s behalf; however, some insurances will assign benefits to the patient only, in which case, the patient would pay the office in full and will be reimbursed by the insurance company directly.

Credit Card Payments

To pay co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses, we also accept:

CareCredit is a credit card that consumers can use to pay some medical expenses and veterinary bills for their furry companions. Go to the CareCredit®️ website to learn more about it. At York Dental Group, we strive to provide the best care and service in York Harbor.

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