How to Select the Most Suitable Dental Crown Material

How to Select the Most Suitable Dental Crown Material

Once you decide to get a crown, you’ll be faced with another challenging decision—identifying the right material for your crown. Currently, there are several different materials that are used to make crowns. Before we get into the types of dental crowns materials, here are several reasons why you may need a crown:

  • Restoring a broken or cracked tooth
  • Restoring a severely worn down tooth
  • Protecting a weak tooth
  • Holding a dental bridge
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Covering a discolored or misshapen tooth
  • Protecting a weak tooth with a large filling
  • Covering a tooth after a root canal treatment

Dental crowns procedures are standard and straightforward, so you have nothing much to worry about. In most cases, they may require more than one visit to the dentist.

During the first procedure, the dentist is likely to fix a temporary crown, which will be switched with a permanent crown during the second visit to the dentist. York Dental Group offers quality dental crowns in York Harbor, ME.

Types of Dental Crowns

Below are five main types of crown materials worth considering:

  1. Gold crowns

If you’re looking for durability and stability in a dental crown, then gold crowns are a good choice worth considering. Gold crowns are crafted from gold alloys of several metals such as gold, copper, nickel, and aluminum.

Due to their gold color and strength, these types of crowns are ideal for back tooth restorations. Besides, they are very strong, so you can rest assured that they’ll serve you for years. Even better, gold crowns won’t damage or eat up the underlying tooth.


  • Strong – wears out very slowly
  • Highly resistant
  • Durable – can last for years if well cared for
  • Perfect for back teeth restorations, especially molars


  • Conspicuous
  • Allergic reactions
  1. All Porcelain Crowns

Thisis the most popular crown material in the market. As the name suggests, porcelain crowns are constructed from porcelain materials. These materials are safe, strong, and can last for long if well cared for.

Porcelain crowns match the color of the natural teeth, making them ideal for front teeth restorations. Since they are not as strong asother types of material such as metals, they’re best suited for front teeth restorations.


  • Blends in with the natural teeth
  • Perfect for front teeth restorations
  • Biocompatible


  • Vulnerable to chipping
  • Not as strong as metal-based crowns
  1. PFM – Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crown

These type of crowns offers you the strongest and most natural-looking restoration. They are popular for their strength (thanks to the metal structure) and aesthetic nature (thanks to the porcelain coating).

Since they contain metal alloys, they are very stable and strong and can serve you for years if well cared for. The outer layer of these crowns is made from porcelain, giving them a natural appearance.

To undergo this procedure, the dentist is required to shave off a moderate amount of tooth structure.


  • Great aesthetic
  • Strong and durable
  • Less expensive than all-porcelain crowns
  • Ideal for both front and back restorations


  • Not ideal for you if you clench your teeth
  • The metal structure may discolor the gumline
  1. Zirconia Crowns

For those looking for a mix of durability, great aesthetics, and strength, zirconia gives you just that. While it’s not a popular material for crowns, it’s an excellent option. Zirconia is a relatively new material that’s tough enough to provide the needed support for an impaired or fractured tooth. Even better, it has a transparent look, thus blendingin easily with the natural teeth.


  • Great aesthetic
  • Biocompatible
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Shows less wear than porcelain crowns


  • Difficult to adjust
  • Relatively new and may be hard to find
  1. E-Max Lithium Disilicate Crowns

This is another new type of dental crown material. E-Max crowns are crafted from lithium disilicate materials. These crowns offer great aesthetics as they match well with your natural teeth.

E-Max lithium disilicate crowns are thin and light but also very strong and durable. They are perfect for both front and back tooth restorations.


  • Great aesthetic
  • Long-lasting
  • Thin and light


  • Not as strong as other materials
  • Pricier than other crowns

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Dental crowns offer lasting restorative solutions for a variety of tooth problems. If you’re considering a dental crown procedure, please visit our dentist at York Dental Group to schedule a consultation.

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