Is your office accepting new patients?

Yes, we are always looking to grow our York Dental family. Please call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Does your office offer mouthguards and night guards?

Yes, the process will take two visits to develop your custom mouth or night guard! Schedule an appointment online.

Is your office in-network with my Insurance?

York Dental group is In-Network with Delta Dental. We recommend you call your insurance to ensure we are a contracted provider for all other insurances.

Does your office provide implants?

Our office can place your abutment and take your impressions, however, we do not perform the surgical implantation. Your restorative crown will be constructed and it takes about two to three weeks, and you will return for the final placement. This process typically takes two visits.

Does your office offer root canals?

Unfortunately, we do not perform root canals in this office, but we do have offices that we can refer you to!

Does your office offer same day emergency appointments?

Yes- we will always do our best to get an emergency in on the same day that you call, or at the earliest possible time!

Our dentist in York Harbor, ME also welcomes patients from the below given nearby areas:

  • York Harbor
  • York Beach
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