Exciting Changes at York Dental Group!

York Dental Group is honored that you continue to entrust us with your oral health care!

We understand how important oral health is to sustaining your overall health and wellness, and we’re excited to continue improving to better serve you!

We are proud to be a dental education source for our patients. Partnering with you on your journey toward better health is important to us! If you have questions about your current state of oral health, please don’t  hesitate to ask.

As your premier York Harbor dentist, we want to continue providing you with exceptional and convenient care. We are excited to announce a few recent enhancements we've made within the practice; you’re going to love them!

We have a new logo, AND we’re on Instagram!  New signage is scheduled to be installed soon, and our logo has been updated in many places.  Visit our Facebook page and our Instagram page and like and follow us to stay up to date on the exciting things happening at our office!

Don’t forget, our dentists are Certified Invisalign Providers! Call us today to begin your journey to a straighter, healthier smile!