Dental Fillings: All You Need to Know About This Tooth Restoration Option

Dental Fillings: All You Need to Know About This Tooth Restoration Option

Have you recently found out that you have cavities? Perhaps after your last visit to a dentist near you? If so, then you should probably know that it is not something out of the ordinary. As shocking as it may sound, cavities are among the most common dental issues we encounter at our general dentistry in York Harbor, ME.

When you hear the term cavities, you probably picture a grotesque looking hole, which will need to be sealed off through an excruciating procedure. But unlike what most myths depict about a dental filling procedure, this procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and is, therefore, a painless procedure.

Our dentist near you uses fillings to address cavities, repair a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth, and repair worn-down teeth.

Dental Fillings, In a Nutshell

A dental filling is one of the most common restorative procedures performed. Dental fillings are designed from different materials. The type selected depends on a patient’s preference, the position of the affected tooth, aesthetic appearance, and quality of the filling material.

Dental fillings are primarily used during a cavity treatment or to repair a broken or chipped tooth. Other than that, dental fillings can also be used to repair worn out teeth that occur due to habits such as bruxism and nail-biting.

People often wonder if having a dental filling disqualifies them from undertaking teeth whitening near them. The truth is that you can still get your smile brightened even after getting your filling.

However, you should never go for any teeth whitening near you before getting your cavities or damaged teeth repaired.

The Procedure

Before embarking on the filling process, our dentist will numb the area surrounding the affected tooth by using a local anesthetic. After this, our dentist will use a drill or laser to remove the entire decayed region of the affected tooth carefully.

Our dentist will double-check to ascertain that the entire decayed region has been successfully removed. Once this has been confirmed, our dentist will then clean and prepare the filling area.

The cleaning process is important because it ensures all the bacteria and the decayed matter is removed from the space before putting in the filling. If the decay was near the root, our dentist would protect your nerve by putting a liner before applying the filling.

If you opted for tooth-colored fillings in York Harbor, ME, your filling procedure will differ slightly from the other types of fillings when the region has been cleaned. Our dentist will apply layers of a tooth-colored substance and cure each subsequent layer using a special light.

Once the multilayering process is done, our dentist will go ahead and shape the filling, getting rid of any surplus material before polishing your tooth to complete the procedure.

The Different Types of Fillings

Currently, dental fillings come in a variety of materials. The filling selected depends on the tooth location, the extent of decay, cost of the material, the durability of the material, and personal preferences.

Whatever the case, our dentist will help you decide on a filling material that is most suitable for you. Here are some of the types of fillings:

  • Silver Fillings

Silver fillings are popular and have been in the market for over a century due to their durability and affordable cost. However, they have a few drawbacks. For instance, they tend to get dark over time and are very noticeable.

Silver or amalgam fillings will only be a viable option for you if you do not have an allergic reaction to them.

  • Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are ideally made from a mixture of copper amalgam and several other metals. They are famous for their durability and strength. However, most people do not find them aesthetically appealing, and they are quite expensive.

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings in York Harbor, ME, are popular among patients because they are aesthetically appealing. They are designed to resemble your natural teeth and are an excellent choice for front teeth restorations. They also last longer and are stain-resistant.

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