Best Brushing Techniques

Best Brushing Techniques

Most of us know how important it is to brush our teeth every day. That does not always mean that we remember how to do it effectively. There are a few important techniques to remember to ensure that the time you spend brushing your teeth gives you the biggest benefit.

Aim for the Gums

When you start brushing, you want to have a small amount of toothpaste on your brush and then aim the bristles at an angle toward the gum line. Think of it as more of a gum massage than a tooth brushing activity. You want to be gentle enough not to cause any pain.

Circle Each Tooth

As you brush, you should use a circular motion focusing on each individual tooth. Remember, this is as much a gum massage as a tooth scrubbing. This means you should use a gentle circle that goes all around the front side of the tooth. As you focus on each individual tooth, you will be sure not to miss any spots.

Inside and Out

Once you have finished the outside of your teeth, it is time to move to the inside. You should use the same circular motion that you used around the outside of each tooth to scrub the inside of each tooth while continuing to massage your molars. This will ensure that no teeth get left out.

Do Not Leave Out Your Molars

Speaking of being left out, do not forget your molars. These are the hard workers who chew a large portion of your food. They are found in the back of your mouth and cannot easily be seen in the mirror. Unfortunately, this means they sometimes do not get the scrubbing they need. Use a back and forth motion to scrub the top chewing surface of these teeth.

A Clean Mouth

Once you have done a thorough job brushing your entire mouth, you should be able to feel the smooth surface of the inside and outside of each tooth. Now enjoy the feeling of a clean mouth with the confidence of knowing that your smile sparkles.

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