Benefits of Invisalign: Get Rid of Gaps Between Teeth

Benefits of Invisalign: Get Rid of Gaps Between Teeth

Are you contemplating on what you can do to close the gaps between your teeth? Whether your pearly whites have one, two, or more of these teeth gaps, Invisalign in York Harbor, ME, can close them to give you a beautiful, gapless smile.

Teeth Gaps: What Is Diastema?

Gaps, medically referred to as diastema, occurs when spaces emerge in between teeth. The sizes of gaps differ per person, just as they differ according to the severity of the diastema.

Generally, over 50 percent of children incur diastema during their formative years, when they start growing their baby teeth.

Diastema is almost standard in baby teeth, also known as milk teeth, primary teeth, or deciduous teeth. However, they generally occlude on their own. If gaps emerge even as permanent teeth replace their deciduous predecessors, then these newer gaps may remain as is (or may widen and/or multiply) into adulthood.

What Causes Gaps in Teeth?

Researches show that there isn’t a singular cause of diastema, but several variables contribute to it.


The size of your teeth and jawbones are usually determined by genetics. Mismatches in tooth size and number, in parallel to jawbone length and/or width, are among the most common causes of diastema.

Additionally, frenum tissues play a role in dental gaps. If they become abnormally thick, this maxillary labial frenum may impede the two focal front teeth from growing right next to each other.

Swallowing Reflexes

The tongue should position itself at the palate when swallowing. But incorrect swallowing reflexes will bring the tongue to the back of the upper teeth instead. The constant pushing of the tongue towards the central incisors will push them apart, and in time, form a gap.


Thumb-sucking results in pressure on the central incisors. Similar to incorrect swallowing reflexes, this will also cause dental gaps.

Why Choose Invisalign For Dental Gaps?

    1. Cleaning Convenience

Invisalign clear aligners are removable. Unlike other dental correctors that are glued onto teeth, Invisalign can simply be put on and off with ease. This equates to convenience in cleaning both the device and your teeth.

All you have to do is take them off, gently brush them the way you would your teeth, rinse away toothpaste suds, and re-wear the aligner. For additional sterilization, you can soak them in lukewarm water a few minutes before you reinstall them on your teeth.

    1. Lower Risk of Tooth Decay

Braces can be challenging to clean regularly and consistently. Studies show that plaque build-up is high amongst those who wear permanent braces devices. For this reason, a large percentage of patients with traditional braces experience cavity accumulation and tooth decay.

In contrast, Invisalign invisible aligners can be taken off, so you can brush your teeth easily and thoroughly to avoid getting cavities.

    1. Comfortable Bite & Speech

Another advantage of Invisalign is that it corrects crossbites, underbites, open bites, and overbites. It aligns your maxillary (teeth on the upper jaw) and your mandibular (teeth on the lower jaw).

The curves of your upper and lower molars will complement each other, and your upper central incisors will sit slightly in front of your lower central incisors. These work together to allow you to bite, chew, and speak comfortably and normally.

    1. Better Adjustment

Your York Harbor dentist will tell you that Invisalign does not require any uncomfortable adjustments on your end. Our dentist will have you switch from one aligner to the next in order for your teeth to move and close dental gaps in a progressive manner. So, no painful tugging, only light pressure as the Invisalign trays slowly nudge your teeth into their proper positions.

This also means that you will not need to change your diet. Not even for the first few weeks. Or days! As long as you wear your Invisalign trays as prescribed by your dentist, no such adjustments will be required.

Furthermore, where metal brackets have a tendency to scratch and wound the back of your lips, this most certainly will not happen because Invisalign aligners are smooth all around.

For Invisalign treatment or other treatments within cosmetic dentistry in York Harbor, ME, contact York Dental Group today. We would be happy to show you some Invisalign before and after photos and answer any questions you may have during your consultation.

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